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Ardian to buy waste-to-energy company Attero

Illustration of a pattern of trash bags; one is golden.

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

Asset manager Ardian said it plans to buy Dutch company Attero, which owns projects across waste energy, plastics recycling, and anaerobic digesters.

Why it matters: Regulations and increased interest in circular systems are boosting the value of recycled materials, clean electricity and green gas.

Details: The companies didn't disclose terms of the deal, but another investor in Attero, 3i Infrastructure, said it was selling its 25% stake in Attero to Ardian worth €215 million (~$238 million). DWS Group holds a 50% stake.

  • The deal is expected to close in Q4 2023.
  • Attero, which is almost a century old and located in Wilp, says its projects process 3.6 million tons of waste from cities and businesses, generate 800 GWh of clean electricity and produce 22 million cubic meters of green gas.
  • The company owns two energy waste plants, two recycling facilities, six anaerobic digester plants, seven composting sites and 10 landfills.
  • Upon completion of the deal, Attero plans to build out renewable energy and carbon capture infrastructure.

Big picture: Attero is part of the growing wave of companies developing circular systems that recycle and manage waste and tap into it as a resource for energy and electricity.

  • Companies, especially across Europe, are being pushed by regulation to meet recycling goals, while global incentives are helping to build a market for green gas and clean electricity.
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