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Expert Voices: Sustainable Capital Advisors' Trenton Allen

Photo illustration of Trenton Allen, CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors, with a building and trees and abstract shapes.

Photo Illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios. Photo courtesy of Sustainable Capital Advisors

Today we're talking with Trenton Allen, who leads Sustainable Capital Advisors.

Why he matters: SCA is focused not simply on sustainable finance, but on backing energy and infrastructure projects that provide lasting impact at the community level.

What was this week’s big story, in your view?

  • By far, I would cite the two largest reservoirs in the country — Lake Powell and Lake Mead — reaching historically low water levels. Coincidentally, I visited both in April during a family spring break vacation and saw firsthand the devastation caused by the drought. While the decision by the Interior Department to delay the release of water from Lake Powell will provide some relief to communities in Utah and Arizona, the unfortunate reality is that there is not a quick fix for this issue.

What would you add to the narrative?

  • If the current trends persist, communities across the West will have to make very difficult decisions related to not only electricity production and water availability but the economic challenge of replacing these much-needed life resources as well.
  • Let’s just say that the published pictures do not capture the sense of loss felt when you look out and see the diminished state of that environment.

What do you feel is being under-covered or under-noticed?

  • For the first time ever, the state of California was powered by 99.9 percent renewable energy, with a huge assist by solar energy. While it lasted for only a few minutes, it demonstrates that we have what it takes to meet the challenge of climate change by decarbonizing our electricity industry. 

In three words, what one change would you make to accelerate investment in sustainable energy/climate tech?

  • Pre-development capital    
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