Sep 29, 2017

Private equity's woman problem

Women comprise less than 18% of all employees in the private equity industry, and just 9% of senior private equity executives, according to industry research firm Preqin. It's the most skewed gender imbalance within the alternative asset space, although not by too much.

Data: Preqin; Note: Data from September 2017; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios

More data:

  • Half of all female private equity employees are in either marketing or investor relations. Another 37% are in accounting or financial roles. Only 14% are investors.
  • The "senior executive" percentage for PE women is 9.5% in North America, and 11.2% in Asia.
  • Women comprise 11% of senior leadership in venture capital. That's higher than the 7% figure Axios previously reported, but that's likely due to different methodology. Namely, we only looked at U.S.-based funds, and didn't include non-investing positions
  • Note: This is only preview data, as Preqin will be releasing a much more detailed report on October 11.

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Private equity firms fear a Democrat topping Trump in 2020

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Private equity firms will rush the exits if they believe that a Democrat is likely to defeat President Trump, investors tell me.

The state of play: Each of the four leading Democratic candidates have pledged to eliminate beneficial tax treatment for capital gains among top earners.

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Women take the lead on donating to support female college sports

The Indiana Hoosiers celebrate after the NCAA Women's College Basketball game. Photo: Bobby Goddin/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Former female athletes are donating millions of dollars to build facilities, endow scholarships and support coaching positions at their alma maters, the New York Times reports.

Why it matters: Participation in women’s college sports teams is at an all time high, outnumbering men's sports for more than 20 years. And yet, the marketing and sponsorships from benefactors for college female teams has caught on slower than men's sports.

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Why 50+ women care about 2020

Data: AARP/Harris Poll; Chart: Axios Visuals

A new AARP survey by the Harris Poll examined what's driving women 50 and older ahead of next year's elections and found health care on top. The survey also found that older women’s concerns about Trump are eroding, but not upending, his support with Republicans and independents.

Why it matters: As the House of Representatives prepares to impeach the president, the priorities for this group of high-propensity voters are closer to home and different from what their male counterparts care most about.

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