Nov 8, 2021

Axios HQ Unveils Survey on Workplace Communications

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Axios HQ Unveils Survey on Workplace Communications

Survey finds disconnection between communicators, their employees 

1 big thing: Axios HQ today released a survey on workplace communications, titled “The communications crisis: A dive into why workplace communications aren’t working.”

  • Axios HQ surveyed more than 400 employees, communications professionals and executives from a full range of industries, and of all sizes, to understand how leaders communicate at work and how to be better communicators at work. 
  • Industries surveyed include healthcare, banking and finance, education, government and public administration.

Why it matters: Axios HQ is dedicated to helping organizations communicate more effectively. 

  • “Since launching Axios HQ, we’ve heard from communicators about their struggles to keep employees engaged,” said Axios co-founder and President Roy Schwartz. “This survey highlights the challenges faced by all communicators and shares what they can do to better engage with their teams.”  

By the numbers:  

  • 66% of communicators think they know what to say to their employees, but only 31% of employees agree.
  • 74% of communicators think they write concise and effective communications, while 60% of employees say they don't.
  • 45% of communicators say they don’t receive enough feedback on their communications, but 31% of employees say they don’t have a good place to share feedback.
  • More than half (59%) of communicators say that getting their employees to read their communications is the most challenging part about sending them out. 

Access the full survey here

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