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Situational awareness:

  • Unilever reported lower-than-expected sales for the fourth quarter on Thursday, hurt by flat growth in developed markets. (Reuters)
  • At least 440 Chinese firms said their 2018 financial results deteriorated, with 373 saying they’ll post a loss. About 86% of those incurring losses were profitable in 2017. (Bloomberg)
  • Goldman Sachs said its index of market analysts moved higher during the U.S. government shutdown, with most respondents seeing no major shutdown impact on their industry.
  • Facebook shares are up another 12% in pre-market trading after the company's especially 💪 earnings report that got investors to shake off news it is paying teens to spy on them. (CNBC)
  • "I believe in capitalism," says 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. She also defended her wealth tax proposal and support for the "New Green Deal" in a new interview (Bloomberg)

Days without a factual error: 3