🏠 I'm back. Much love to everyone who sent me things to do in Lisbon. My favorites were Ze da Mouraria, Bifanas do Afonso, Pasteis de Belem and visiting the city of Sintra, home to the Castelo dos Mouros. Special thanks to readers Mark P. and Bill A., who sent me an encyclopedic level of recommendation lists.

Situational Awareness: President Trump tweeted this morning that he would restore steel and aluminum tariffs on goods imported from Argentina and Brazil in response to the weakening of their currencies.

  • Of note: Both currencies are freely traded and have been devalued by the market, which has punished Argentina in particular for its weak economic growth and the expectation that its new government will default on outstanding bond payments.

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"Victory belongs to the most persevering." Who said it and why it matters is at the bottom.

On this day in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor of France at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a position he would hold for 10 years.

  • Interestingly, Dec. 2 is also the day Fidel Castro officially became president of Cuba, U.S. President James Monroe declared his Monroe Doctrine for Latin America, and U.S. President James Polk proposed the "Manifest Destiny" expansion into the West.

Unrelated: Lisbon is the strangest city I have ever visited. It's simultaneously a very historical, classical city and also outrageous and modern. It's sleepy and quaint but also giant and daunting. Truly beautiful, though.

Even more unrelated: I made it down to Texas for Thanksgiving and my Auntie Denise still makes the best greens.