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March 05, 2022

1 big thing: "How it Happened: Putin's Invasion"

Happy Saturday.

It's Kate Marino, and I wanted to grab your attention this morning to let you know about an important new Axios podcast I think you'd be interested in.

"How it Happened: Putin's Invasion" takes a deep look at Axios' reporting and analysis on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, explaining how the conflict played out in slow motion across eight years and then suddenly escalated.

  • You've been reading our coverage of the far-reaching economic impact of both Russia's invasion and the West’s response — here's a chance to go deeper into this important story that will have a lasting impact on our world.

Axios World editor and host Dave Lawler will share insights from a career covering global affairs and dozens of interviews with experts and high-ranking officials about how Russian President Vladimir Putin came to power and how he has wielded it.

  • The podcast will break down what happened on the ground in the early hours of Feb. 24 in Ukraine and how this war is changing the world around us in real time.
  • It will also feature Jonathan Swan, Axios' national reporter and host of the first season of "How It Happened," speaking about his exclusive "Axios on HBO" interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • Reporters and editors from across the Axios newsroom, including Markets’ own Emily Peck, as well as media reporter Sara Fischer and politics managing editor Margaret Talev, will unpack how this conflict is playing out in the media and on social media, and why it's so hard to push back against Putin and Russia.

Listen now to the first episode and subscribe to receive an alert when the next episode drops.