The U.S. budget deficit hit an all-time monthly high of $234 billion in February. That's $11.7 billion per day, assuming 20 business days in February. Take out Presidents Day, and it's $12.3 billion per day.

Meanwhile, Friedrich von Hayek's Nobel Prize sold at Sotheby's this week for $1.5 million. That's a better result than John Nash's, which failed to sell when it came up for auction in 2016. But it's still less than what a 17th-century copy of the Mona Lisa sold for, despite carrying an estimate of just $80,000–$100,000.

Quote of the week

"Money can’t buy happiness? I hate that saying. Money helps a lot of people. To pretend that it doesn’t is just woo-woo bullshit. We live in a capitalist society. Money improves people’s circumstances. It just does." Jessica Knoll