It was great meeting a wide range of Edge readers in Washington this week. I also managed to persuade the inimitable Natalie Jaresko to come into Axios HQ in Virginia, where we recorded a podcast. Check it out if you're interested in how she went from the Chicago suburbs to become the finance minister of Ukraine and then the fiscal overseer of Puerto Rico.

And for the teachers out there: Charles Schwab is throwing a bunch of money at financial literacy projects on Donors Choose. I wonder what proportion of, say, high school students could understand Axios Edge.

A final word of thanks to Courtenay this week, who pulled the data for the wonderful IRS Free File chart in item #4 above. When it just sits there in the middle of a newsletter it looks incredibly easy. It isn't.

  • The IRS doesn't just publish this data as a downloadable time series, as it should. Many thanks are due to Courtenay, Andrew Witherspoon and thousands of other data journalists in hundreds of other organizations who daily and painstakingly collate this kind of information, making it easy to see and understand.