Sep 17, 2019

Government-funded group will offer free app to screen emails for fraud

The Los Angeles Cyber Lab, a nonprofit primarily funded by the city of Los Angeles and the Department of Homeland Security, will now offer a free app to screen questionable emails for hackers and fraud.

The big picture: Businesses of any size purchase products to screen emails, but "small businesses don’t have the wherewithal to do that," said Josh Belk, executive director of the Los Angeles Cyber Lab.

Details: Announced today at a Cyber Lab-sponsored summit, the service — designed in conjunction with IBM — allows users to forward questionable-looking emails to the lab, which will send a threat analysis of the email to the app.

  • While the lab is chartered to help LA, the app is available to anyone, anywhere. "The whole world can download it," said Belk

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Apple takes down app used to track Hong Kong police

A protester throws a tear gas canister fired by Hong Kong police, Oct. 1. Photo: Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty Images

Confronted with evidence of danger to police and citizens, Apple removed an app Wednesday night that "has been used in ways that endanger law enforcement and residents in Hong Kong," an Apple statement said.

  • Why it matters: With pro-democracy riots in their 18th week, the app — — has allowed users to track police movements, then target and ambush officers. Apple determined that those uses violate both App Store policy and Hong Kong law.
  • Hong Kong authorities, who had complained about the app, said it also was being used to victimize residents in areas where police weren’t present.
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Trump floats an "individual task force" against homelessness

On his way to California on Tuesday, President Trump told reporters that he is considering an "individual task force" to take on the issue of homelessness in California, which he said is "destroying" cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“We’re looking at it very seriously. I’ve spoken to [HUD] Secretary Carson in terms of the housing element. But we have people living in our… best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings, where people in those buildings pay tremendous taxes, where they went to those locations because of the prestige. In many cases they came from other countries and they moved to Los Angeles or they moved to San Francisco because of the prestige of the city, and all of a sudden they have tents. Hundreds and hundreds of tents and people living at the entrance to their office building."
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Deadly Southern California wildfires force thousands to evacuate

An aircraft drops fire retardant along a ridge in Newhall, California on Friday. Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images

At least 3 people have died in wildfires driven by gusty winds in Southern California, where up to 100,000 people were at one point under mandatory evacuation orders, authorities said Saturday, per NBC News.

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