Jul 29, 2019

Judge strikes down Medicaid work requirements for a third time

President Trump with HHS Secretary Alex Azar. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

A federal judge on Monday struck down Medicaid work requirements in New Hampshire — the third time he has rebuffed this central element of the Trump administration's health care agenda.

The big picture: Judge James Boasberg has previously ruled against the work requirements in Kentucky and Arkansas. "We have all seen this movie before," he wrote Monday as he struck down New Hampshire's rules. These rulings will be appealed, but will at a minimum delay policies that would drop thousands of people from the Medicaid rolls.

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Trump's shrinking health care legacy

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Trump came into office in 2017 with big ambitions on health care. But he’ll end this term with a lot less to show.

The big picture: If Trump ends up being a one-term president — and that’s not a prediction, just 1 of the 2 possibilities in 2020 — his health care legacy would be pretty modest.

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Trump won't approve full federal funding for partial Medicaid expansion

President Trump and CMS administrator Seema Verma. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Trump administration made a very big decision over the weekend: It won't approve full federal funding for a partial Medicaid expansion.

Why it matters: The partial expansion had looked like a key weapon in red states' continued resistance to the ACA. Without it, Medicaid enrollment likely will keep growing.

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The looming crisis in long-term care

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Taking care of the aging population is a crisis in the making, and no one — not families, not government programs and not the health care workforce — is prepared for it.

The big picture: Providing health care to aging Baby Boomers will strain Medicare’s finances, but the problem is even bigger than that.

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