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The Department of Health and Human Services has been using its outreach budget for attacks against the Affordable Care Act, according to a report in the Daily Beast. HHS, under Secretary Tom Price, has tapped into its outreach budget to produce a series of anti-ACA videos — maybe as many as 130 of them.

Why it matters: It's unusual, to say the least, for a federal agency to spend taxpayer money undermining a program it oversees. The Trump administration has shown little interest in trying to make the health care law work, and this is another signal it's willing not just to "let" the law fail, but to actively try to weaken it.

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Germany goes back into lockdown

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel will enact one of Europe's strictest coronavirus lockdowns since spring, closing bars and restaurants nationwide for most of November, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: Germany is the latest European country to reimpose some form of lockdown measures amid a surge in cases across the continent.

How overhyping became an election meddling tool

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As online platforms and intelligence officials get more sophisticated about detecting and stamping out election meddling campaigns, bad actors are increasingly seeing the appeal of instead exaggerating their own interference capabilities to shake Americans' confidence in democracy.

Why it matters: It doesn't take a sophisticated operation to sow seeds of doubt in an already fractious and factionalized U.S. Russia proved that in 2016, and fresh schemes aimed at the 2020 election may already be proving it anew.

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Coronavirus dashboard

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  4. Media: Pandemic causes TV providers to lose the most subscribers ever.
  5. World: Putin mandates face masks.