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Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) raised three times as much money in the first two-and-half weeks of October than she did during the last fundraising quarter, reaching $12.4 million, Politico reports.

Why it matters: Heitkamp was expected to face major pushback as a red-state Democrat who voted against Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court. But according to Politico, there was a spike in donors after she announced her decision, bringing her from 221 donations a day at the beginning of the month to an average of over 3,000 donations a day after announcing her decision.

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Mayors plan multifront attack on census shutdown

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A growing number of mayors are banding together to fight what they consider to be an inaccurate and abruptly curtailed 2020 census, using an arsenal of legal, legislative and congressional efforts.

Why it matters: The outcome may determine whether President Trump or Joe Biden controls the redistricting process, which governs everything from congressional representation and redistricting to funding for schools and Head Start.

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Coronavirus dashboard

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  1. Politics: Chris Christie: Wear a mask "or you may regret it — as I did" — Senate Democrats block vote on McConnell's targeted relief bill.
  2. Business: New state unemployment filings fall.
  3. Economy: Why the stimulus delay isn't a crisis (yet).
  4. Health: Many U.S. deaths were avoidable — The pandemic is getting worse again.
  5. Education: Boston and Chicago send students back home for online learning.
  6. World: Spain and France exceed 1 million cases.
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Facebook Oversight Board begins hearing appeals

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The Facebook Oversight Board announced Thursday that some Facebook and Instagram users can now submit appeals to the Oversight Board for an independent review of their own content removals.

Why it matters: The board, a first-of-its-kind internet governance body, will begin hearing cases from users ahead of the U.S. election.