Physicians' salaries have once again hit an all-time high

Medscape has an annual survey of physicians' salaries, and this year, once again, saw them reaching new record highs. The average physician's annual take-home pay is now $313,000. That's 99% of the median U.S. house price.

Data: Medscape; Note: Salaries not adjusted for inflation; Chart: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Why it matters: Salaries are a huge part of overall health expenditures, and they are clearly not under control — at least for men. Female primary care physicians have seen their pay go up by $10,000 since 2017, while their male counterparts have received a $29,000 raise.

  • The gap between male and female primary care physicians has widened to $51,000, or 25% — another all-time high.