Ex-offshore drilling regulator "baffled" by Interior plans

Gerald Herbert / AP

Michael Bromwich, who led the overhaul of federal offshore drilling oversight after the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, is speaking publicly for the first time about the Trump administration's potential reversal of a key regulatory change.

  • "I am frankly baffled by what the rationale would be for doing it, and what the analysis is that supports it," Bromwich tells Axios.
  • "[T]he risks have been significantly lowered over the last six years. Why you would want to tinker with something that has been successful is not something that I can readily understand."
  • Trump's Interior Department is weighing the idea of re-combining offshore leasing and drilling safety branches that were separated after the fatal 2010 Gulf of Mexico blowout and spill.

Why it matters: Bromwich said the post-spill overhaul is among the factors that has increased the safety of offshore development in the years since the disaster.