Feb 3, 2020 - Energy & Environment

Electric vehicle ads make up fraction of overall spending despite Super Bowl splash

Screenshot from Audi's Super Bowl ad for the e-tron Sportback

Last night's Super Bowl featured splashy electric car ads for Audi's e-tron Sportback, GMC's Hummer and Porsche's Taycan.

Why it matters: The ads are the latest sign of the growing volumes of electric models becoming available or in the offing, but the New York Times notes that just 0.3% of the $8.6 billion that the auto industry spent on local and national advertising last year promoted electric vehicles.

  • They note the figure does not include local dealership ads or social media campaigns.

What's next: The Times notes that "some companies are already signaling a shift in emphasis in the years ahead."

  • Audi plans to devote half its global market budget to EVs this year, compared to 10% in 2019.

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BorgWarner to buy Delphi Technologies for $3.3 billion

BorgWarner, a leading supplier of vehicle power train components, agreed Tuesday to buy electronics manufacturer Delphi Technologies in a stock deal worth $3.3 billion.

Why it matters: The auto industry is on the cusp of a major shift to electric vehicles, but with many consumers still on the fence, the timing of the transition is unclear. The deal give BorgWarner the flexibility to offer a variety of gasoline, hybrid and electric powertrain systems for both passenger and commercial vehicles as it prepares for the future.

Go deeper: Sluggish sales throw the future of electric vehicles into uncertainty

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GM to invest $2.2 billion to revamp Detroit plant for electric production

GM CEO Mary Barra. Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

GM will detail plans Monday to invest $2.2 billion to retool its Detroit-Hamtramck plant for production of electric and autonomous vehicles, per multiple reports.

Driving the news: The vehicles include the Cruise Origin, which is the 6-passenger, driverless electric van unveiled last week.

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The great electric pickup production race

GMC Hummer's grille and the Tesla cybertruck. Photos courtesy of General Motors and Tesla

Automakers are competing to make the buzziest, strongest, fastest electric truck that would fare well in a dystopian future — albeit one with a reliable grid and eco-conscious drivers.

Driving the news: OK I'm being flip (it's Friday!), but yesterday brought news that GM is indeed reviving the gas-guzzling Hummer as a fully electric and powerful "super truck" with seriously gaudy specs.