Climate change is top concern among foreign policy experts: poll

The Pew Research Center came out with a report yesterday that compares public opinion in various countries against the views of a group of foreign policy experts. Climate was the top concern among the 547 policy experts surveyed about various "threats," with 70% calling it a "major" threat to their country. Other "threats" they were asked about included ISIS, cyberattacks from other countries and Russia's power.

Why it matters: The polling shows a substantial degree of agreement between public and expert opinion. The question about the threat of climate change is part of a wider international poll that Pew conducted this spring.

Data: Pew Research Center; Note: Foreign policy experts include invitees of the German Marshall Fund's annual Brussels Forum and alumni of the GMF's fellowship and educational programs, "Don't know" responses not included. Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios