Energy efficiency and getting off oil-fueled cars are two of the most effective ways California could meet its ambitious new clean energy law, according to a new report.

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Data: Energy Futures Initiative; Chart: Chris Canipe

The big picture: California has America’s most aggressive climate change policies, including a recently passed mandate for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045, and an executive order calling for 80% reduction in emissions across its entire economy by 2050.

Driving the news: The new report is led by President Obama's former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz , who now runs a think tank called the Energy Futures Initiative. Its conclusions find that the more technological options California allows to meet its goals, the better.

Where it stands: This chart shows where the greatest emissions reductions can come from.

  • Energy efficiency, which is perhaps the least exciting type of technology, has the most potential, particularly for transportation.
  • Longer term energy storage — think seasonally — will be crucial, as will technology that can capture carbon dioxide emissions from polluting facilities.

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