Dan Primack Feb 17, 2017
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Bain Capital's plans for Blue Nile

Private equity firm Bain Capital today completed its $500 million purchase of online diamond and jewelry retailer Blue Nile, which had been one of the first e-commerce companies to go public after the dotcom bust. Ryan Cotton, a Bain managing director who helped lead the buyout, spoke with Axios about the deal:

Why Bain is buying Blue Nile

"From a thematic perspective, if you look at where consumers are moving to and want to shop, there are very few businesses more closely aligned with those trends than Blue Nile. Personalization and customization on an endless aisle with lower prices, more transparency and deeper value than bricks-and-mortar retailers. It's really the same model as a Warby Parker or Harrys or Dollar Shave Club, in that it's cutting out the markups related to bricks-and-mortar infrastructure and supply chain."