Editorial team


Jim VandeHei, Roy Schwartz, Mike Allen

Editorial leadership

Co-founder Mike Allen, editor-in-chief Nick Johnston and executive editor Sara Kehaulani Goo lead the editorial department. The news department can be reached here.

Newsletter authors include:

Axios AM & Axios PM — Mike Allen

Axios @Work  — Erica Pandey

Axios China — Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian

Axios Cities — Kim Hart

Axios Codebook — Zach Dorfman from the Aspen Institute

Axios Capital — Felix Salmon

Axios Future — Bryan Walsh

Axios Generate — Ben Geman, Amy Harder

Axios Login — Ina Fried

Axios Markets — Dion Rabouin

Axios Media Trends — Sara Fischer

Axios Navigate — Joann Muller

Axios Pro Rata — Dan Primack

Axios Science — Alison Snyder

Axios Sneak Peek — Hans Nichols, Alayna Treene

Axios Space — Miriam Kramer

Axios Sports — Kendall Baker

Axios Vitals — Caitlin Owens

Axios World — David Lawler

Podcast hosts include:

Axios Re:Cap — Dan Primack

Axios Today — Niala Boodhoo

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