Editorial team

Editorial leadership

Co-founder Mike Allen, editor-in-chief Nick Johnston and executive editor Sara Kehaulani Goo lead the editorial department. The news department can be reached via email here.
Mike Allen
Nicholas Johnston
Editor in Chief
Sara Goo
Executive Editor
Dan Bobkoff
Executive Producer, Podcast
Margaret Talev
Managing Editor
Alison Snyder
Managing Editor
David Nather
Managing Editor, News
Aja Whitaker-Moore
Managing Editor, Business
Scott Rosenberg
Managing Editor, Technology
Raisa Zaidi
Editorial Director, Axios on HBO
Eileen Drage O'Reilly
Standards Editor

Newsletter authors

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
Axios China
Megan Farokhmanesh
Axios Gaming

Podcast hosts

Axios Today
with Niala Boodhoo
How It Happened
Season 1 with Jonathan Swan

Special projects

Get Smart
A series of short video courses about topics that matter, led by Sara Goo and Alison Snyder
Hard Truths
A deep look at systemic racism, led by Michele Salcedo

Newsroom staff

Alexa Mencia
Associate Editor, Local
Fadel Allassan
Associate Editor, News
Gigi Sukin
Associate Editor, News
Zach Basu
Associate Editor, News
Juliet Bartz
Associate Producer, Axios on HBO
Nuria Marquez Martinez
Associate Producer, Podcast
Alyssa Feliciano
Associate, Audience & Growth
Kate Marino
Business Editor
Erica Pandey
Business Reporter
Hope King
Business Reporter
Jennifer Kingson
Chief Correspondent
Kim Hart
Cities Correspondent
Bryan McBournie
Copy Editor
Sheryl Miller
Copy Editor
Stef Kight
Data & Trends Reporter
Justin Green
Deputy Managing Editor, News
Neal Rothschild
Director, Audience & Growth
Michele Salcedo
Shane Savitsky
Editor, Axios Local
Danielle Alberti
Editor, Data Visualization
Sarah Grillo
Editor, Editorial Design
Glen Johnson
Editor, Politics
Eniola Odetunde
Editorial Designer
Caitlin Owens
Health Care Reporter
Marisa Fernandez
Health Care Reporter
Danielle Chemtob
Investigative Fellow (Charlotte)
Audrey Kennedy
Lifestyle Reporter (Twin Cities)
Jonathan Swan
National Political Reporter
Erin Doherty
News Apprentice
Ivana Saric
News Apprentice
Jacob Knutson
News Apprentice
Oriana Gonzalez
News Apprentice
Orion Rummler
News Apprentice
Shawna Chen
News Apprentice
Yacob Reyes
News Apprentice
Lachlan Markay
Political Reporter
Sarah Mucha
Politics Reporter
Amy Pedulla
Producer, Podcasts
Naomi Shavin
Producer, Special Projects
Alex Golden
Reporter, Axios Local
Worth Sparkman
Reporter, Axios Local
Brianna Crane
Reporter, Local (Charlotte)
Paige Hopkins
Reporter, Local (Charlotte)
Symphony Webber
Reporter, Local (Charlotte)
Hadley Malcolm
Senior Associate Editor, Local
Kate Nocera
Senior Associate Editor, Newsdesk
Laurin-Whitney Gottbrath
Senior Associate Editor, Newsdesk
Lydia Massey
Senior Associate, Audience & Growth
Sam Baker
Senior Editor
Aïda Amer
Senior Editorial Designer
Alex Botti
Senior Producer, Podcasts
Alex Sugiura
Sound Engineer/Studio Manager, Podcast
Jeff Tracy
Sports Reporter
Margaret McGill
Tech Policy Reporter
Ashley Gold
Technology Reporter
Joann Muller
Transportation Correspondent
Andrew Witherspoon
Visual Journalist, Data Visualization
Michelle McGhee
Visual Journalist, Data Visualization
Sara Wise
Visual Journalist, Data Visualization
Will Chase
Visual Journalist, Data Visualization
Brendan Lynch
Visual Journalist, Editorial Design
Annelise Capossela
Visual Journalist, Editorial Illustration

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