How we make money

We are a privately held company called Axios Media, led by co-founders Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz, where EVERY employee is an owner. We maintain a strict firewall between our editorial department and other departments that help us earn money (here's our editorial policy) and disclose if there are any conflicts of interest.

The company and its investors, which include Cox Enterprises, Glade Brook Capital, Greycroft, and NBC, have held several successful funding rounds (read a Wall Street Journal article here). We are governed by a seven-person board of directors that is controlled by the co-founders and chaired by VandeHei. Axios Media owns and

Our revenue comes from: 

  • Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) advertising. These are fully labeled ads on our newsletters, website, podcasts and mobile app paid for by companies and not-for-profits. They typically are not selling products; instead, they are amplifying their corporate social responsibility and brand reputation messaging with our highly influential audience.
  • Performance ads. These are fully labeled ads selling products or services, usually found in our high circulation newsletters.
  • Sponsored events. These are on-the-record events focused on big societal or policy topics. Axios fully controls the topics, participants, and questions; the sponsor gets promotion of their brand and a fully labeled, sponsored commercial or segment.
  • Axios HQ technology and services. We created the software and training to allow others to communicate in our trademarked Smart Brevity style. Organizations, big and small, pay annual fees to utilize the tech for internal communications. Some pay additional fees for HQ specialist training.
  • Axios Pro. Our subscription-based newsletters that offer analysis and exclusive reporting for specific industries and access to exclusive events.
  • Smart Brevity Studio. Our studio is paid by advertisers to create content, transforming their advertising message into our Smart Brevity™ style. The format (written, video, audio, etc.) varies depending on the messaging. Any content created in partnership between Smart Brevity Studio and our partners is clearly labeled in placements across Axios products.
  • Content partnerships. Third-party platforms or media companies republish Axios editorial content for a fee.
  • Programmatic advertising. These are automated, fully labeled ads selling products or services, found on our website only. 
  • Membership revenue. In certain Axios Local cities, readers contribute money to support local journalism.
  • Job and event boards. In certain Axios Local cities, job or event postings can be purchased for display in the newsletter and/or on the site.

Axios’ products include multiple newsletters, the “Axios on HBO” television show, the "Re:Cap" and "Axios Today" podcasts, the Axios App, events, our branded studio, and our website.

  • We maintain a strict firewall between our editorial department and the other departments which help us earn money, including our company investors, advertisers and event sponsors.
  • In our news products, we carefully differentiate between our news and any advertisers. If we cover news related to one of our investors or business partners, this will be noted either in the story or on the bottom of the story.
  • We are very grateful to our investors and advertisers for their support, but they have no effect on our news judgement.
  • For more information on our editorial policy, contact us here.

We run only one type of advertising — mobile-friendly sponsored content that is clearly marked for the audience’s sake. There are no pop-up ads because they are distracting for readers and ineffective for the advertiser.

  • All advertisers must stick to decency and language standards that are included in our advertising best practices. 
  • Axios will not run certain types of ads, including those with: phrases like “breaking news” that may mislead the audience to believe it’s journalism; commercial promotion of tobacco, firearms, diet pills or cryptocurrency; negative caricatures of people; disparagement of competitors; disrespectful use of national symbols or flags; and, sponsor names that do not accurately represent the funding entity behind the campaign.
  • Axios reserves the right to decline, at its discretion, any submission that includes content or a topic that Axios deems inappropriate, unfair, offensive, discriminatory, in poor taste, potentially libelous, or otherwise objectionable. Axios also reserves the right to, on occasion, request source material to substantiate factual claims made in a branded post.
  • For more information on our advertising policies, contact us here.

We offer three main types of sponsored events: public events, expert roundtables, and experiences.

  • All events are editorially significant and newsworthy, with concepts approved by our editor in chief and specific topics confirmed with our subject matter experts before these are brought to the potential sponsor. Sponsors can provide feedback and can share the invite with whomever they like, but they cannot veto speakers or request an invite be sent to government officials.
  • Public events can be offered either as a series or a one-off event, and often make news. Some examples of our series are News Shapers, Smarter Faster, The Hometown Tour, and Health Care Vitals. Any client-sponsored segments are clearly announced and any invites include a “Presented by…” portion with the client logo.
  • Expert roundtables are intimate, seated events, where an Axios editor hosts subject-matter experts to lead a discussion on a specific issue. This curated table allows for in-depth conversation and natural relationship building. Any client-sponsored segments are clearly announced and clearly stated in the invite. 
  • Experiences are a specialty branded experiential event crafted with Axios’ events and branded studio teams to capture the undivided attention of attendees through tours and events. Experiences translate complex topics into digestible content through multi-sensory moments.
  • For more information on our different events, click here or contact us here.

Questions or comments? Reach us here.