Dan Primack Apr 26, 2017
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6 questions on Ivanka Trump's new investment fund

Carolyn Kaster / AP

Ivanka Trump yesterday told Axios' Mike Allen that she is working to raise a large investment fund that will focus on women entrepreneurs around the world.

What we know: The focus will be on small and medium-sized companies around the world, and that early commitments have already come in from some government-linked investors in Canada, Germany and the Middle East. Helping to develop the project is Dina Powell, the former Goldman Sachs executive who had been advising Ivanka before being promoted to deputy national security advisor. A source says that Goldman Sachs has not received a commitment request (at least not yet).

[Update: Powell tells us that the fund will be managed by The World Bank, which has not yet responded to requests for comment.]

What we don't know: There are still a lot of questions about how this will work. While we work to get answers, here are our top six: