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Axios Event: Greenhouse co-founder says using AI on resume, cover letter is not cheating

NEW YORK CITY - Greenhouse co-founder and president Jon Stross says he does not consider getting help from AI to write resumes or cover letters for prospective employers "to be a problem."

Why it matters: The implementation of AI across industries is on the rise and is changing the way people approach the workforce.

Axios' senior business reporter Hope King and global technology correspondent Ryan Heath moderated the event, which was sponsored by Autodesk.

Stross thinks using AI can be beneficial for those who use English as a second language.

For e-commerce platform Etsy, implementing an AI sales assistant for their ​​92 million active buyers is "going to be amazing," says CEO Josh Silverman.

  • How it works: He says buyers will answer a few questions and the AI sales assistant will be able to suggest the "perfect" product based on those answers.
  • Yes, but: The initial test run of the AI sales assistants ended up annoying customers, but Silverman thinks it'll take time for customers to get used to it.

In a separate interview, Reshma Saujani, the founder and CEO of Moms First and the founder of Girls Who Code, says the lack of child care and paid leave support in the U.S. makes it "so damn hard to be a mother and a worker. And we have to fix that."

  • When it comes to accessing New York's paid leave benefits specifically, she says, "The problem is the government sucks at customer service. So when I go on the website, I can't figure out: 'Am I eligible? How much money will I get? What's the deal?' And I give up. Most poor women give up."
  • This led Saujani to spearhead the new platform PaidLeave.ai, which helps New York residents navigate their paid leave benefits.

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In a View from the Top conversation, Autodesk president and CEO Andrew Anagnost says "there's no doubt" AI is going to change the way people work over the next five to ten years.

  • He says there's a "capacity problem" in industries where there's not enough "money, material, or people," and that AI can help with this problem.
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