Apr 30, 2022 - Energy & Environment

"Ida" retired for hurricane names after deadly 2021 storm

A destroyed building in New Orleans in August 2021.

A destroyed building in New Orleans in August 2021. Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The World Meteorological Organization announced Wednesday it has retired the name "Ida" from its rotating list of Atlantic tropical cyclone names because of the death and destruction caused by Hurricane Ida in 2021.

Why it matters: Ida, which initially struck Louisiana, was responsible for at least 55 direct fatalities and 32 indirect fatalities in the U.S. and caused a total of $75 billion in damage.

The big picture: Forecasters at Colorado State University predicted in early April that the upcoming 2022 hurricane season will be more active than past seasons because of rising global sea-surface temperatures from climate change and weak La Niña conditions.

  • They said they expect to see four major hurricanes and a total of 19 tropical storms.
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's official outlook on the upcoming season is set to be released on May 24.

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