Mar 4, 2022 - Energy & Environment

Study: COVID recovery spending has not been green

Recreated from Nature; Chart: Jacque Schrag/Axios

New analysis shows how badly most nations' economic responses to COVID-19 have failed to heed calls for green-tinted recovery.

Driving the news: The study in Nature, conducted by Johns Hopkins University analysts, explores $14 trillion-plus in G20 stimulus and recovery packages.

  • Under $1 trillion went to programs that cut emissions directly (renewables, EV support or grants for efficient heating, etc.) or even indirectly, with most in the latter camp.
  • The vast majority, 91%, did not seek to shift emissions, the researchers found.

Threat level: "[A]lmost 3% of stimulus funding has targeted activities that are likely to increase global emissions, such as subsidizing the coal industry."

The bottom line: "There is still time for improvement."

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