Jan 6, 2022 - Energy & Environment

69% of Americans don't want hybrid or electric for their next car

Consumer preference for next vehicle type
Data: 2022 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study; Chart: Thomas Oide/Axios

Most consumers, especially in the U.S., plan to stick with internal combustion tech for their next vehicles, a wide-ranging new survey shows.

Driving the news: Deloitte's annual survey of consumer auto views breaks down preferences by country, showing regional differences but overall that traditional vehicles and to a lesser extent hybrids are the strong favorites.

  • "Consumers who said they are not considering an EV as their next vehicle cited range anxiety and a lack of public charging infrastructure as their biggest concerns," the survey notes.

Why it matters: EV sales are growing quickly, but the extremely high market penetration sought by many regulators and activists will require major shifts in public confidence.

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