Sep 8, 2021 - Energy & Environment

Big Oil looks to outside partners for emissions tallies

Exxon logo

Photo illustration: STR/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Oil-and-gas companies are increasingly working with third parties as they face pressure to breathe life into their climate pledges and show they're credible.

Driving the news: Exxon has a new agreement with the nonprofit MiQ to certify and grade methane emissions from a portion of its Permian Basin gas production.

  • Bart Cahir, a senior Exxon executive, said in a statement that the partnership will provide customers with "credible third-party validation" of their emissions-cutting efforts.
  • The move "follows shale producers including EQT Corp in offering independently verified emissions data to buyers seeking to reduce their own carbon footprints," Reuters reports.

What we're watching: Chevron has a new "memorandum of understanding" with Delta Air Lines and Google to track emissions from a test batch "sustainable aviation fuel" (SAF).

  • "The companies hope to create a common, more transparent model for analyzing potential greenhouse gas emissions reductions that could then be adopted by organizations considering SAF programs," the announcement states.
  • MarketWatch has more.
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