Jun 25, 2021 - Energy & Environment

Ubisoft's carbon pledge

A chart showing Ubisoft's 2020 carbon emissions.

A chart showing Ubisoft's 2020 carbon emissions. Image: Ubisoft

"Assassin's Creed" mega-publisher Ubisoft has pledged to reduce its emissions by 8.8% per employee by 2023.

  • A new chart provides an unusual glimpse at how a gaming company impacts the planet.
  • More than half of Ubisoft's emissions are tied to "purchases." A company rep told Axios that involves "a broad range of services related to our business activity, including subcontracting, marketing and advertising."

Why it matters: The creation of gaming hardware and software and the electricity used to make and play games all put a drain on the environment.

  • A 2020 report by Wired called the next generation of gaming, with its focus on energy-intensive streaming, "an environmental nightmare."

By the numbers: Ubisoft reports its 2020 carbon footprint was "141.7 kilotons CO2-equivalent," as it targets its drop based on its 2019 levels.

  • The company recently tied about $200,000 worth of its CEO's annual pay to achieving that reduction.
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