Updated Dec 23, 2020 - Axios Events

2. Career certificates are boosting job seekers’ prospects

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Professional career certificates are opening a lot of doors for American job seekers looking to land higher-paying, in-demand jobs, several experts at Google’s Powering Economic Opportunity: New Pathways to Job Recovery event agreed.

Here’s how: Four-year degrees don’t always equate to success in today’s job market. Programs like Grow with Google offer low-cost certificates that can help people become job-ready in about six months in in-demand fields like IT Support and Data Analytics.

The result: Over 400,000 people have enrolled in these programs across America – and many are getting hired, according to Lisa Gevelber, Vice President, Grow with Google.

  • Companies are even partnering with higher education institutions and nonprofits to bring their certificates to more people.
  • One example: Grow with Google has teamed up with Jobs for the Future (JFF) to scale their certificate program to over 100 community colleges in the U.S., giving more people – particularly those underserved – the opportunity to land high-growth jobs.

What Google is saying:

“...For years, we have supported digital skilling programs and created pathways to help people secure good-paying jobs. Accessible job-training solutions will help people get hired into jobs that will be most relevant in the post-pandemic economy..."

– Lisa Gevelber, VP of Grow with Google

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