Oct 23, 2020 - Energy & Environment

GM says preorders for its electric Hummer filled up in 10 minutes

Photo: GM

Reservations for the first edition of GM's new electric Hummer revealed Tuesday night filled up in 10 minutes, according to spokesperson Mikhael Farah.

Driving the news: The page where you can plunk down $100 to reserve the $112,595 first edition, which arrives in late 2021, offers a waitlist. You can still reserve the less souped-up and less pricey versions going into production in 2022–2024.

  • But we don't know exactly how many reservations they took and, by extension, how many of the expensive first editions GM plans to produce. The company isn't saying, offering only that thousands are on the waitlist.

Our thought bubble: GM's refusal to disclose planned production volumes is likely a sign that the expensive, high-performance first edition is meant to build buzz and show off some technological concepts. It's probably not destined for high volume production.

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