Jul 29, 2020 - Energy & Environment

German startup Electric Brands unveils modular electric vehicle


The eBussy electric offroad camper. Image courtesy of Electric Brands.

The German startup Electric Brands has opened up reservations for eBussy, a modular electric vehicle that can become just about anything.

The state of play: It comes with an "off road" or "city" chassis, and there's a whole bunch of variants, including a van, camper, pickup, flatbed — even a dump truck.

  • The company says they'll be available in Europe starting next year.
  • The base model ("Freedom") starts at roughly $18,500 while the most expensive, the off-road camper (shown above), starts at roughly $34,000.
  • They all come with a 10 kilowatt-hour battery pack that provides about 124 miles of range, but you can upgrade to a 30 kWh unit that goes up to 373 miles. Solar panels on the vehicles can extend things a bit more.
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