Jan 16, 2020

Survey: Minorities and young adults pay much higher bank fees

A survey from Bankrate.com finds that white banking customers are paying significantly less in fees than people of color and that older customers pay much less than their younger counterparts.

What's happening: The average person in the U.S. with a checking account pays about $8 per month on fees like routine service charges, ATM fees and overdrafts, but black and Hispanic customers reported spending twice that much.

By the numbers: White checking account holders said they paid an average of $5 per month in fees, while Hispanic account holders paid an average of $16 a month, and black account holders paid $12.

  • The typical millennial (ages 24–39) with a checking account pays $13 per month in fees compared to $9 for Gen X (ages 40–55) and $3 for baby boomers (ages 56–74).

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