Dec 13, 2019

Study: 44,000-year-old cave paintings discovered in Indonesia

Prehistoric hunters go after a large horned beast.

Photo credit: Endra, Griffth University, Australia

Researchers have found a 44,000-year-old cave painting in Indonesia depicting images of a hunting party, NPR reports.

Why it matters: The discovery of the images helps researchers further understand the origin of art, NPR notes. Previously, many believed humans began painting in caves in Europe, but this further details that theory, per NPR.

What the paintings depict: The images were found at a cave called Lean Bulu'Sipong 4 in Sulawesi, Indonesia, per BBC.

  • The images appear to show a type of buffalo and wild pigs surrounded by humans with animal features, such as tails and snouts, according to BBC.
  • Australia's Griffith University lead the team of archeologists who made the find.

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