Oct 8, 2019

ACT announces students will be permitted to retake individual test sections

Officials who create the ACT college-entry exam announced Tuesday that beginning in September 2020, students who have taken the exam once will be able to retake sections individually instead of again participating in the full 3-hour test.

The big picture: Universities have increasingly been offering students more choice in how to apply for college, including test-optional and digital applications, in order to bring in a more diverse pool. Testing creators like the ACT and College Board's SAT have endorsed alternative ways for applicants to be evaluated in order to adapt to students' needs.

  • Retaking the whole test with the math, reading, science and English sections costs $52, or $68 if students choose to add the optional writing section.
  • ACT officials said taking an individual section would be cheaper, but they have not yet decided on a final price, the New York Times reports.
  • The ACT will also offer options for students to take the test online rather than with pencil and paper.

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