Aug 25, 2019

Cindy McCain on political division: "This country is not well right now"

On the anniversary of John McCain's death, his wife Cindy reflected on the late senator's legacy and said on ABC's "This Week" that she was launching a new social media initiative called #ActsOfCivility in his memory.

“Our country is not well right now. We’re not — we need to get our act together, number one, and step back and take a breath. You know, this country’s made up of immigrants, we’re made up of people of every color, every creed. And that's what makes us special. And to somehow side up — black and white, or brown and white or whatever it may be, it’s just wrong.”

Why it matters: McCain was admired for his ability to work across the aisle with Democrats in the Senate and was outspoken in his criticism of President Trump when he felt it was warranted. Trump has carried on a one-sided rhetorical campaign against McCain even after his death, attacking the late senator on a number of occasions for his vote against the president's attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  • Cindy McCain said on Sunday that her husband would be disappointed by the current state of U.S. politics and the Republican Party's continued loyalty to Trump, telling ABC's Jon Karl: "This party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln that I've seen anyway, nor the party of Ronald Reagan."
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