May 30, 2019

Threat intel firm Recorded Future sells for $780 million

Insight Partners has purchased a majority share in Boston-based threat intelligence company Recorded Future for $780 million in cash, the highest ever price for a threat intel firm.

Why it matters: Recorded Future co-founder and CEO Christopher Ahlberg told Axios that his company's 10-year growth proves how vital threat intel firms — which analyze technical and human-sourced data to provide personalized actionable insights — are to the cybersecurity marketplace.

"We’ve proven that threat intelligence gets a room of its own. This acquisition proves that."
— Christopher Ahlberg

Context: Recorded Future had gone through 5 previous rounds of funding totaling $58 million, with Insight as the lead investor in the Series E round.

  • Recorded Future offers a machine learning-based software solution to sift through threat information as well as a research team analyzing different actors.
  • Gartner estimates that by 2022, 20% of large enterprises will use threat intelligence to augment other security products.

Details: Ahlberg doesn't see much change to Recorded Future as a stand-alone product. "We'll be doing the same thing, just more of it," he said. "We could have been purchased by a larger security firm and vanished into it."

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