May 21, 2019

States sue federal government over new abortion law

Pro-choice protestors

Photo: Anna Gassot/AFP/Getty Images

Nearly 2 dozen states have filed suit against the federal government to block a law that would allow doctors to decline care to patients for abortions and deny transgender patients service based on their moral or religious beliefs.

Why it matters: The challenge comes from left-leaning states at a time when restrictive abortion bans are taking root in several conservative states. Some GOP legislators are hoping these new laws will make their way to the Supreme Court and ultimately reverse the Roe v. Wade decision.

Details: The new law also gives doctors an out to refuse care for procedures such as assisted suicide, sterilization or gender reassignment surgery. The new law is expected to take effect in July, and the federal government reserves the right to deny funding to any hospitals or clinics that refuse to comply, per AP.

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