May 10, 2019

What we're driving: 2019 Infiniti Qx50

In this image, the Infiniti Qx50 is seen while driving on a mountainous pass.

Infiniti QX50. Photo: Infiniti

This week's ride is the 2019 Infiniti Qx50, a premium mid-sized crossover that comes with an innovative, efficiency-minded engine and a ton of advanced driver-assist features.

What I love: The QX50 is gorgeous inside and out, with lots of room for people and cargo.

What disappoints: The dual-screen infotainment system is confusing and difficult to use. And it doesn't come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is available in most competitors.

Driver assistance: Standard ADAS features on the QX50 include rear- and surround-view cameras, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and forward emergency braking.

It's the first Infiniti to come with ProPilot Assist, which provides highway-driving assistance and can take full control in stop-and-go traffic.

  • Other available technologies include lane departure prevention, intelligent cruise control, adaptive steering and backup collision intervention.

The bottom line: The QX5o is good, not great. The front-wheel-drive model I'm driving starts at $43,350, but with ProPilot Assist and a $7,500 "sensory package" of premium features, the price jumps to $55,285.

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