Apr 16, 2019

Notre Dame fire: How newspapers around the world covered the tragedy

The news coverage of Monday's fire at Notre Dame cathedral — which plays host to millions of tourists each year — captivated the entire world. Here are the newspaper covers from the morning after.

Liberation newspaper cover
Liberation from Paris. Photo: Newseum
20 minutes cover from Paris
20 Minutes from Paris. Photo: Newseum
Montreal Canada newspaper cover
Le Journal de Montréal from Montreal, Canada. Photo: Newseum
New York Times cover
New York Times. Photo: Newseum
New York Post
New York Post. Photo: Newseum
The Guardian
The Guardian from London. Photo: Newseum
Bild from Berlin, Germany
Bild from Berlin, Germany. Photo: Newseum
Viby, Denmark newspaper
Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten from Viby, Denmark. Photo: Newseum
Croatia newspaper
Vecernji List from Zagreb, Croatia. Photo: Newseum
Canada newspaper
The National Post from Toronto, Canada. Photo: Newseum
Newspaper from Bogota, Colombia
El Espectador from Bogota, Colombia. Photo: Newseum
Brazil newspaper cover
Metro from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: Newseum
De Morgen from Brussels, Belgium
De Morgen from Brussels, Belgium. Photo: Newseum

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