Apr 2, 2019

Former Brazilian president indicted in alleged $400 million bribery scheme

Michel Temer Photo: MAURO PIMENTEL/Getty Images

Brazil's former President Michel Temer was indicted on Tuesday — less than 3 months after he left office — on corruption charges, including an alleged bribery scheme involving a nuclear power plant complex near Rio de Janeiro, Reuters reports.

The backdrop: The case is part of Operation Car Wash, the nation's biggest corruption investigation, which has found politicians and business people guilty since 2014. Allegations presently suggest Temer received or arranged more than $462.5 million in bribes. Meanwhile, the 78-year-old also is up against charges in another corruption case, in which he has been accused of using a middleman to obtain a cash-filled suitcase from meat-packing firm JBS SA, for which he was arrested on March 21 and released only 4 days later. Temer denies all allegations.

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