Feb 10, 2019

Mick Mulvaney: Trump's executive time leak "wasn't that valuable"

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney downplayed the leaking of President Trump's schedules to Axios, telling NBC's Chuck Todd that the story — which showed Trump has spent around 60% of his scheduled time over the past 3 months in unstructured "Executive Time" — "wasn't that valuable of information."

Chuck Todd: "Then why is there a leak?"
Mulvaney: "This show lasts an hour. Does that mean only you work for an hour a week? No, there's lot of stuff that goes on to make that happen. That Executive Time is on there to allow the president to prep for the next meeting to debrief from the previous meeting. The phone calls start at 6 in the morning and go until 11 at night, so I can assure you he's working more than on the calendar."

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