Jan 22, 2019

Meal delivery startup Munchery shuts down

Plate of food with salmon on a bed of greens

Rosemary salmon quinoa bowl. Photo: Munchery

Munchery, an eight-year-old San Francisco meal delivery startup, announced its shutdown on Monday, becoming the latest to succumb to the harsh realities of the business.

The bigger picture: A number of companies have attempted to cook and deliver their own meals (or meal kits), but most have shuttered or struggled.

Some of the startups that have attempted to cook and deliver meals, and shut down:

Meanwhile, some meal kit startups like Plated and Home Chef sold to large grocers as a way to survive. Presumably, this enables them to tap into their parent companies' supply chains and lager customer reach.

The bottom line: Shuttling meals from restaurants to customers' doors is no easy business (as a slew of companies are finding out), but preparing food and getting it to customers comes with a whole host of additional challenges — often much more than startups can handle.

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