Dec 11, 2018

We're getting better at finding data breaches

A student sits with headphones staring at a computer.

A student competes in Cybersecurity Awareness Week. Photo: Romain Lefabregue/AFP/Getty Images

More organizations are able to detect breaches on their own, according to CrowdStrike data released Tuesday.

Details: The company's data shows that 75% of incident response customers discovered breaches on their own, as opposed to, say, being alerted by researchers that their data is for sale on the dark web. That's up from 68% last year.

Why it matters: Discovering a breach on its own means that a company can reduce the dwell time of an attacker — the amount of time a hacker can cause damage in a system or steal files.

That's still not perfect: "It's better, but we still see an average 80 days of dwell time," said CrowdStrike CSO and president of service Shawn Henry.

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