Dec 8, 2018

Police detain nearly 1,000 protesters in France as tensions continue

Yellow vest protestors

Yellow vest protestors. Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Nearly 1,000 "yellow-vest" protesters in France have been detained by authorities, and another 135 injured, who are demonstrating against the government's decision to raise fuel tax — a decision that has since been suspended, the Associated Press reports.

Details: Anti-government protests in Paris have been boiling for more than a week with protestors calling for French President Emmanuel Macron to step down. There are an estimated 10,000 yellow vest protestors in Paris on Saturday with a total of 125,000 around the country.

Driving the news: Protestors are dissatisfied with the job Macron has done as the country's leader, calling him "president of the rich" while calling for his resignation, the AP's Sylvie Corbet reports.

  • "Macron’s pro-business reforms have aimed to make the French economy more competitive globally, but French workers see the changes as brutal and weakening their rights," Corbet writes.
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