Nov 14, 2018

White House group approves report calling for new cybersecurity committee

Server racks in a server center

Photo: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

The U.S. National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee approved a report on Wednesday that calls for a new White House council for long-term cybersecurity.

Why it matters: Lawmakers tend to legislate solutions to problems that impact the next election, but many cybersecurity issues — such as the impending chaos that will be caused by quantum computing and quantum encryption, as highlighted in the report — can't be handled on two-, four- or six-year cycles.

Details: The report urges the White House to create an Apollo program-like effort called the Cybersecurity Moonshot, which would include a council (the Cybersecurity Moonshot Council) made up of Cabinet-level officials and an executive director to continuously provide cybersecurity guidance focused on meeting the demands of a decade in the future.

What's next: It's unclear whether President Trump will act on the advice in the report.

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