Oct 14, 2018

Poll: Democrats lead Republicans ahead of midterm elections

Donald Trump

Photo: Olivier Douliery - Pool/Getty Images

While President Trump's approval rating has increased to 41% from 36% since August, Democratic House candidates still lead Republicans 53%-42% among voters ahead of the midterms, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

The details: Per ABC, the Democratic lead in the polls is reflected further by a widening gender gap. Women are more in favor of Democratic candidates (59%) while men are narrowly split (46%-48%) seeing only a 2% difference. If that gap holds until Election Day, it would be "the widest on record for a midterm election in exit polls dating back to 1982," ABC reports.

  • Democrats' most important issue is health care. The poll reveals that 53% of the public trusts Democrats to handle health care over Republicans. But Democrats still don't have a singular policy on their "Medicare for All" message.
  • Republicans are trusted more to handle the economy (45%-41%) and taxes (45%-42%).

The big picture: ABC draws comparisons between this year's election and the 2006 election, where there was a 54%-41% Democrat to Republican favorability split among voters. In that election, the Democrats gained 31 seats, ABC reports; they need 23 this year.

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