Sep 25, 2018

American politics goes off the rails

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

Forget your personal political views for one minute. It’s hard to argue politics — White House politics, congressional politics, now Supreme Court politics — hasn't gone full crazy.

Be smart: Democracy isn't just messy — it’s dirty. And getting dirtier. 

  • You have virtually the entire Democratic Party believing the Republican nominee for the Supreme Court was a predator.
  • You have virtually the entire Republican Party believing two women are making up that they were victims of attempted rape or sexual humiliation — or confused about who actually did it. 
  • You have the White House putting Brett Kavanaugh on Fox News to proclaim his innocence, in what's apparently the first TV interview of a Supreme Court nominee.
  • You have him needlessly explaining in that interview that he was a virgin in high school, and for "many years thereafter," when none of the allegations involve intercourse.
  • You have the same lawyer, Michael Avenatti, running for president against Trump, who survived the public airing of a tape in which he talked about grabbing women’s privates and then survived a wave of allegations by other women.

What's next: A public hearing to air all of this, for a panel of partisans on Thursday. 

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