Sep 15, 2018

The most urgent financial threats

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

The financial crisis was shocking because so few people saw it coming, as much of the risk was hidden within complex financial instruments.

Why it matters: That likely means we have known unknowns right now, but current concerns mostly revolve around the three Cs: 1) Complacency; 2) Contagion; 3) Cyberattacks.

  • Regulatory complacency: The Trump administration has rolled back certain Dodd-Frank reforms, at a time when architects of the 2008 response are asking for new protections. There's also lingering fear of the next debt-ceiling showdown ending in default — possibly resulting in mass repricing of risk across all asset classes, which in turn could precipitate a global financial panic.
  • Contagion: Many economists continue to worry about emerging market debt and currencies, particularly as global financial institutions have become more interconnected.
  • Cyberattacks: Big financial institutions have collapsed under their weight of market pressures or their own stupidity, but not yet because of digital arsonists inside of their networks. That could change.

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