Aug 15, 2018

Suicide bombing targeting students in Kabul kills at least 48

Afghan security forces drive in a tank.

Afghan security forces on Tuesday. Photo: Zakeria Hashimi/AFP/Getty Images

A suicide bombing in Kabul has killed at least 48 people and injured 67, according to the Associated Press.

The details: The target of the bombing was a private building in which male and female students were studying for university entrance exams, per the AP. A local official, Jawad Ghawari, blamed ISIS; the Taliban denied any involvement.

The backdrop: The latest attack comes amid turbulent times in Afghanistan. Over the weekend, the Taliban carried out a major assault on the eastern city of Ghazni, striking a "major blow to the Afghan government and its international allies," the BBC reported, as word of peace talks with the Taliban had been circulating. Per the BBC, at least 140 Afghan security forces and 60 civilians were killed.

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