Jul 25, 2018

Boris Johnson and Steve Bannon are having secret talks ahead of EU elections

Boris Johnson in a suit walking outside London

Boris Johnson arrives in Downing Street. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Former United Kingdom foreign secretary Boris Johnson and President Donald Trump's former chief adviser Steve Bannon have been secretly meeting to discuss plans that "could have a significant impact on European politics," BuzzFeed News reports.

The details: Bannon wants to start a nonprofit in Brussels to help far-right parties get elected to the European Parliament. An alliance with Johnson — a possible contender as the U.K.'s next prime minister — could catapult Bannon into the European political scene, BuzzFeed reports.

The background: Bannon has said publicly he wants Johnson to run against May in the next election.

  • Speaking to radio station LBC, Bannon said he’d always been "very impressed" with Johnson, explaining, "[i]f you look at Boris' resignation letter and if you look at him and his writing, if you look at his book on Churchill," per BuzzFeed.
  • Bannon has been meeting with populists and leaders including Belgian lawyer, Mischaël Modrikamen, whose Popular Party holds one seat in Belgium’s federal parliament, members of French far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party and the leader of the Italy’s League party.

Yes, but: Bannon being a player in Europe's politics hasn't gone unnoticed by other politicians and they're making an effort to dodge him. Several politicians are unsure of his role or his motives as an American in the EU, Politico reports.

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